'Ridiculous' criticism of Jo Swinson is sexist, argues Christine Jardine

7 December 2019, 16:46

The Lib Dem candidate argued that, until there is equal representation in Parliament, women will continue to be criticised unfairly.

Matt Frei put it to Christine Jardine that Jo Swinson might be apologising too much in interviews.

Christine Jardine replied: "I'm very proud of the way that Jo has conducted these interviews, particularly the Andrew Neil one.

And the fact that she did actually go and face up to what we all knew was going to be a tough interview."

She continued: "She has talked about the policies, what we want to do, the positive approach that we want to take.

"I don't think she should be criticised for that. I think actually she should be praised for being prepared to do that in a way the Boris Johnson particularly hasn't been.

"There's also been a lot of messages and misinformation. As Sarah Wollaston said the other day, some of the language which is used about Jo is ridiculous.

'Ridiculous' criticism of Jo Swinson is sexist, argues Christine Jardine
'Ridiculous' criticism of Jo Swinson is sexist, argues Christine Jardine. Picture: PA

Ones like 'strident', I've heard used."

Jardine continued: "People criticise, and we saw this with Theresa May as well, people criticise women in politics in a way that they don't criticise men.

"And until we get away from that, until we have a situation where half of the population are represented by half in the Houses of Parliament then it's still going to be very difficult for women in politics to break through.

Jo is not the only one who has had it."