War Veteran Accuses Remainers Of "Committing Mutiny"

23 June 2018, 13:22

This is the shocking moment the author of Article 50 was accused of "committing mutiny" - by a war veteran.

On the second anniversary of the EU referendum, thousands of people are marching on Westminster, asking for a second vote. Amongst them is Lord Kerr, the UK’s former chief diplomat, who authored Article 50 (which set out the legal process for leaving the EU).

Before joining the march, he told Matt Frei why he was taking part.

He said "Two out of three people want a deal on the referendum on the terms of the deal when known. Or, if we are to crash out of the EU with no deal, they want to be consulted about that. Two thirds."

When pushed on whether parliamentary procedure would allow this to happen, he drew a comparison with the circumstances that led to Winston Churchill coming to power.

Lord Kerr
Lord Kerr. Picture: LBC

This didn't sit well with Peter in Folkestone. He called in to tell Lord Kerr to be more careful with his choice of words.

Peter said "I'm quite surprised at his Lordship. He refers to Churchill and things like that. And veterans and so forth. Did his Lordship ever do military service? Because I did."

He added "When I was in the army and somebody gave me orders, I was expected to carry them out. Now being as the British people have given this Government the orders to leave the EU, I expect them to carry that out ... Because currently the British government and all these other people who are trying to delay and or disrupt the process of Brexit are effectively committing, what woud be classed in the military sense, of mutiny".

Lord Kerr hit back, saying "the country deserves the right to see what comes out of all this. What is the outcome of the negotiation? The country should be told and given the right, in my view, to say whether it wants to go ahead or not".

You can watch the clip at the top of the page to see if Peter was satisfied with this response.