Caller destroys "evil Chinese government", demands UK question communist regime

19 July 2020, 14:20

Caller lambasts Chinese regime for atrocities against Uighurs

By Seán Hickey

This caller took aim at the Chinese Communist Party and branded them "evil" for causing the suffering of millions of people.

Joan phoned in from Southwark to share her views on the Chinese Communist Party with Matt Stadlen. She explained to him that she grew up in Western China near to Xianjing, where millions of Uighur Muslims are being detained in "reeducation centres" and is friends with many Chinese Muslims who may have been affected by the policy of the Chinese government.

She began by telling Matt that what we see happening against Uighur Muslims is not exclusive to these people, but "it is against anyone who threatens their power." She attacked the CCP and how they justify their actions, insisting that "what is really evil is evil Chinese government and evil communist party."

An example she found was the current imposition of national security laws in Hong Kong and said the CCP have picked up the "one country, two systems" treaty and "shredded it in the face" of the UK.

Joan went further to scoff at the thought that the UK cannot do anything to stop the atrocities the CCP are committing. "If we think in that way, then that will give the Chinese government the chance to grow and threaten the world." She argued.

Matt wanted to know if Joan could speak for the people of China and whether they generally "feel oppressed" by the CCP.

China has come under fire for its treatment of Uighur Muslims
China has come under fire for its treatment of Uighur Muslims. Picture: PA

"Everybody feels threatened, everybody is scared to speak up" she insisted. "They can make you disappear any time" and this is why the people live in fear.

The caller argued that the real fear is "from the Chinese government, because they fear people threatening their power." Matt wondered if she thought that "Britain can make a difference" to Chinese policy by imposing sanctions.

Joan cautiously told Matt that if sanctions aren't thought out properly, "anybody that exists within China will suffer."

She recommended instead to adopt a policy similar to what the US has done by sanctioning members of the CCP. She argued that if you "prevent them coming into the UK or other western countries" that is where it will really hurt and may influence change within the communist state.