Furious callers have explosive row over whether Nigel Farage should be knighted

27 December 2019, 15:17

This is the moment where two callers explosively row over whether Nigel Farage should be knighted.

The first caller, Sarah from Cheshire, has said that Nigel Farage has been "absolutely selfless" as his whole aim has been to "get us out of Europe."

"He proved that by standing back in this election," she said, "without him Brexit would never have happened."

Sarah said, "Nigel Farage appeals to the majority of the British people that live outside the M25." The caller said she is a Conservative but went to his political event to see what he had to say and she was "amazed at the cross-section of the public in the room."

"The honours should reflect the will of the British people," she said, "he is undeniably the most influential politician of our time that's never been an MP."

Claire from Marylebone said, "Why not give a blatant racist like Nigel Farage an honour when we gave it to Alan Parker, Cameron's PR man who went on holiday with him?

"This is a complete debasement of the honours system and an outrage and your highly erudite listeners, when they contributed to the Twitter poll, made it quite clear that 58% of your listeners do not want this appalling character to be honoured."

The two callers argued over whether Nigel Farage's breaking point poster was racist
The two callers argued over whether Nigel Farage's breaking point poster was racist. Picture: PA

Claire continued, "We are talking about uniting society and we are going to ask the Queen to honour a man who stood in front of a poster when he knew damn well it had nothing to do with the EU, it was blatantly racist," she said, referring to the "breaking point" poster.

Claire called the Brexit Party leader "completely self-serving" and has "no moral compass".

The first caller Sarah said the Breaking Point poster was pointing out "that if we don't do something about the route through Europe, then we will be inundated, this country is already full and we cannot cope. He's brave enough to say what the majority of the British people think in our nanny state that we're not allowed to say anymore."

"It makes him practical."

Sarah insisted that Nigel Farage is just reflecting the views of many people in this country who are not in the least bit racist.

Claire countered that listening to Sarah "floundering around" and "trying to defend the indefensible is appalling." By giving Nigel Farage a knighthood, Claire said, it is telling the Remainers that they don't matter.

The two callers began shouting at one another and Claire called Sarah a "disgrace" for supporting Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

The honours list is being released this evening at 10:30pm.