Natasha Devon: Equalities Minister is 'squashing the conversation' on race in UK

25 October 2020, 13:19

Natasha Devon's monologue on white privilege and critical race theory

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment Natasha Devon hit out at the Equalities Minister for undermining the value of teaching critical race theory in school.

Kemi Badenoch stated during the week that the teaching of critical race theory in schools is a "dangerous trend in race relations" which spurred the conversation around abolishing the subject.

Natasha Devon clapped back on the Equalities Minister: "Critical race theory just takes some of the measurable facts about inequality and asks why there are laws to prevent discrimination and how we ended up here."

She argued that "it's inviting further conversation, its inviting us to come up with solutions," adding "if we are ever to come up with a solution to racism, we all need to be involved in that conversation."

Natasha pointed out that that for white people tot become part of the conversation, it cannot happen "unless you are exposed to the facts."

"Critical race theory is not a dogmatic ideology, it's a discussion."

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Addressing white privilege, Natasha explained that "all white privilege means, is that any challenges or barriers you have faced in your life are not because of the colour of your skin," and that is "the difference between day-to-day prejudice and systemic racism."

"We're talking about critical race theory as a conversation that needs to happen."

Natasha didn't hold back, concluding that in her view, the Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch and the department of education "are trying to squash that conversation."