Father's harrowing story highlights need to allow men space to grieve

23 May 2021, 14:07

Caller's pushes need for men to be allowed space to grieve

By Seán Hickey

This caller stresses the need for men to be allowed space to grieve after sharing his own story of suffering after his daughter was stillborn.

Caller Aidan told Natasha Devon that he and his wife had a stillborn daughter eight years ago. He spoke to LBC as Natasha sought to shed light on the need to allow men a space to grieve.

He admitted during the traumatic event it was "really difficult," as he was back in work just a week after the event.

"That entire year of working I don't really remember," he admitted.

Natasha wondered if the caller thought that "at the time that it was too early to go back" to work. Aidan felt that in hindsight, he should have allowed himself more time to process his grief.

"It was almost like my duty to go back" he told Natasha, suggesting that because "men aren't necessarily always very good at opening up" he suppressed his emotion by going to work.

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"Many people don't ask how you are as a man" he added, and argued that unless this changes, men will never become more open about their feelings.

"We do tend to diminish the impact this has" Natasha admitted, reiterating the importance of shedding light on the issue.

Aidan opened up further about his grief: "You grieve for the person you wanted them to be" he said, noting that even eight years on he still thinks about his stillborn daughter.

"Unless it's happened to you, it's just not something you consider."