Natasha Devon shuts down caller who claims she 'never had a proper job'

25 April 2021, 15:30

Natasha Devon shuts down caller saying she doesn't have a proper job

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment that Natasha Devon took down a caller who claimed she has never had 'a proper job.'

This caller fumed at Natasha Devon over out of touch politicians before taking a personal jibe against her.

"These people have never had a proper job, people like you haven't," which set Natasha off.

"You can jog on" she began.

"I have spent the last 13 years visiting an average of three schools colleges and universities throughout the UK and throughout the world both conducting talks and conducting research into mental health, gender equality and related issues," Natasha clapped back.

"It is extremely hard work."

She added that she also was awarded an MBE, before asking what the caller has achieved. "Not much, I suspect."

Natasha Devon in heated row with caller over Cummings legacy

On air, the conversation circulated around the current Conservative lead in nationwide polls as both main parties campaign in a number of by-election seats.

This caller told Natasha Devon that "we all want everything perfect" but unfortunately, ordinary people can't have this. He suggested that "ordinary" people are turning to the Tories because they don't see another option

"The reason they're ahead is so appalling," he said, adding that politicians are "people that have never done anything" in the "real world."

"You couldn't put these people in charge of a public toilet."