'Your life will get better': Eddie Izzard's moving advice for people coming out

9 July 2021, 10:55 | Updated: 13 July 2021, 15:54

Eddie Izzard's interview with Natasha Devon

By Fiona Jones

Eddie Izzard, a transgender comedian, told Natasha Devon what her journey was like - and what other people wanting to come out must expect.

Eddie Izzard came on to talk to Natasha ahead of her starring role in the film Six Minutes to Midnight.

Ms Izzard shared that for anyone wanting to reveal their sexual or gender identity, there is a ten year "rite of passage" where an individual must navigate their new life after coming out.

She said that for anyone finding it tough, it gets better over time: "I think it's easier than it's ever been to come out, LGTBQ+, it's probably easier than it's ever been to come out but there might be an idea that boom, your life is made, you're going to have relationships, you're going to have a job, that a whole bunch of stuff comes with it.

"It doesn't in fact. Once you come out there's a ten year rite of passage, Arthurian knights, where you have to learn to rejig your life with your being out. That's a bit of a saga."

Eddie Izzard said that because her initial rite of passage was so many years ago, she is now "ready for a fight" if people hurl abuse at her for her sexual and gender identity.

"I'm sort of battle-hardened now. I'm sorry if people are having a tough time. Do come out but realise there's still a ten year acclimatisation fight after that that is there and you have to account for that," she said, "don't think it's all going to be plain sailing after that because it isn't.

"If you can stay that course, your life will be so much better. It's such a great honour when someone refers to me as she or her. It's such a great honour.

"Every time someone says it I go woah, what a hit, it's just very positive."

She continued that "disagreements will be there", with others becoming "fractious", but "hopefully we will constantly be moving forward to a better place."

Six Minutes To Midnight is on Digital Download 19 July and DVD 26 July from Lionsgate UK.