Nick Abbot's Feisty Interview With Ex-Ukip MEP Who's Furious About Sadiq's EU Fireworks

2 January 2019, 08:38

Roger Helmer insisted that Sadiq Khan's pro-EU fireworks display was comparable to flying an Argentinian flag during the Falklands War - and Nick Abbot poured scorn on the suggestion.

The Mayor of London used the New Year fireworks display to praise the contribution of Europe to London's economy - including turning the London Eye into a version of the EU flag.

Mr Helmer, a former Ukip MEP insisted that was siding with the opposition, saying: "We're locked in a very difficult and obviously aggressive negotiation with Europe and it is giving us a seriously hard time.

"For the Mayor of London to come out in this way, right in the centre of the city, to be broadcasting European, Brussels propaganda at this time is indeed comparable to siding with the opposition, that's what he's doing.

"It would be nice to see some of our elected leaders actually siding with their own country and not siding with the other side."

Nick Abbot had a lively interview over the New Year's fireworks
Nick Abbot had a lively interview over the New Year's fireworks. Picture: LBC / PA

In an interview that got increasingly feisty, Nick once again queried likening a fireworks display to a war and Mr Helmer responded: "You're making too much of this. I compared it to a small war in the south Atlantic, yes I did."

But Nick hit back: "I'm making too much of it? If you were killed during that war, then you wouldn't describe it as small.

"To bring that conflagation up in connection to a fireworks display doesn't make it sound like you have any respect for it at all.

"It makes you and the party something of a laughing stock to make so much of this."

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