Architect Of HS2 Lord Andrew Adonis Admits Project Has Been Mismanaged

1 September 2019, 13:32

Speaking to Nigel Farage, the Labour Peer and architect of HS2 admitted the project has been mismanaged, however stuck by the completion of the rail line.

Admitting the final cost of the project was going to be "high", Lord Adonis has batted away criticism that HS2 is running over budget and over time.

He explained that most state funded endeavours such as this end up costing more than initially planned, citing Cross Rail as an example.

After being prompted by Nigel Farage, Lord Adonis admitted the "management hasn't been good enough". He also took aim at the lack of consistency of transport ministers in government in recent years.

He made sure to restate the benefits of the idea, pointing out the connections between cities in the South, Midlands, and North of England.

Nigel made the argument that decent 4G and broadband connections should be treated as a higher spending priority, with which the peer agreed, however adding that these infrastructures were privately owned.