Caller Explodes At Nigel Farage Over Brexit And Fish

29 July 2019, 19:23 | Updated: 29 July 2019, 19:28

Nigel Farage had a fiery argument over the EU, after the caller claimed the Brexit Party leader betrayed his trust.

Kerry, from the Shetland Islands, called LBC to tell Nigel that he voted to leave the EU because of the then UKIP leader, but has since changed his mind.

The caller was angry and accused Nigel of "selling us down the Clyde".

He said: "I believed in you when I voted to leave the EU, but with all the facts, all the figures, and all the evidence right now, you're going to take us down the Clyde.

"I'd much prefer to be run by that lot [the EU] down there than the idiots that are running Westminster right now."

Nigel replied: "There's the flag of surrender, Kerry, if you're happy to be run by unelected bureaucrats.

"Why would you want an undemocratic European Commission to make big decisions over your life? Why?"

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