Caller Tells Nigel Farage He Was Spat At For Attending A Ukip Meeting

26 September 2017, 20:13

This LBC caller told Nigel Farage he was spat at by demonstrators as he attempted to enter a Ukip meeting in Hove.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg has been subjected to yet more vile abuse by internet trolls accusing her of “playing the victim” after it emerged she has been assigned a bodyguard for protection.

The corporation's political editor was assigned a guard for Labour conference after an 18-month campaign of abuse by online critics.

This led Nigel, who was broadcasting from the US, to ask if listeners were now too afraid to state their politics. So Thomas got in touch.

He told the LBC presenter: “I tried to come to a meeting you had for Ukip in Hove a few years ago and on that occasion I was spat at and I couldn’t get into the venue.”

The story rang a bell with the former Ukip leader, as he responded: “That was a meeting I did in Worthing a few years ago and a group who call themselves ‘Unite Against Fascism’ - so they must be lovely people mustn't they because they're against bad things - they turned up.

"A lot of them turned up and I remember them being outside the hall waving European Union flags, spitting at members of the public, abusing members of the public, calling them Nazis and worse.”

Nigel added: “It was the first or second time that this had happened to me in politics and then it happened to me Thomas two—300 times.”