Nigel Farage Likens Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal To A Piece Of Cheese Going Off

25 October 2019, 07:51

Nigel Farage described Boris Johnson's Brexit deal as a piece of cheese that's going off after being left out of the fridge.

The Prime Minister has offered to give more time to MPs to debate his Withdrawal Agreement Bill if they allow him a General Election on 12th December.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel said that the more people see of the deal the less they will like it.

He said: "The Withdrawal Agreement is rather like a piece of cheese that you take out of the fridge and leave on the side.

"It's really attractive for a period of time, but then as the air, the warmth and the sunlight gets to it, it begins to smell and becomes inedible.

Nigel Farage likened the Brexit deal to a piece of cheese
Nigel Farage likened the Brexit deal to a piece of cheese. Picture: PA / LBC

"I think this is Boris Johnson's massive problem with the Withdrawal Agreement and the attached Political Declaration.

"The reason we had the first Saturday sitting in Westminster for 37 years, he wanted to bounce it through before anyone had read it.

"I think that as the weeks go by, people will start to understand more the ways in which we are tied in to the EU institutions for years and that will damage Boris."