Corbyn Fan Calls Nigel Farage A “First-Class Idiot” Then Hangs Up

26 September 2018, 19:55

This angry man phoned LBC to defend Jeremy Corbyn… but he ended up ranting about Brexit, branded Nigel Farage a “first-class idiot” and then abruptly ended the call.

Paul from Paisley wasn’t happy with the LBC presenter’s criticism of the Labour leader and his speech - which Nigel said was “lacklustre”.

“I don’t think you actually believe all that, you just like the sound of your own voice,” the caller fumed.

“Well I wouldn’t be on radio otherwise Paul would I?” Nigel quipped.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

And as the comical row rumbled on, Paul turned his attention to Brexit.

“You think people agree with you,” the raging caller continued.

“You’re an idiot, you’re a first-class idiot.”

But Nigel was ready to hold his own, hitting back: “If this is the level of debate coming from Paisley tonight we’re in for a thrill - in fact I may stay on for a further hour and keep this going.”

Eventually Paul had enough: “I’m going to cut you off now”.