Ex-military officer breaks down the cost of protecting the Sussexes for Nigel Farage

25 February 2020, 19:15

A former protection officer has broken down the massive bill the Sussexes will garner for security when they leave their royal posts.

In recent days, it has transpired the couple will rack up a bill of over £20 million in protection costs as they move around the globe going about private speaking duties.

Kevin, a former military protection officer called in to try shed light onto the reasoning for their protection. He began by making a straight point that whether or not they take part in royal duties, "Harry and Meghan are a very legitimate and seductive target" for anyone trying to reach the British royal family.

From his experience as a contracted bodyguard, Kevin could imagine the reasoning behind the pair having a high price tag on security. He recognised that they will in fact need 24/7 security given their social standing, but when it came to an extended protection team he could imagine this would be paid from other sources rather than the British public.

Nigel made sense of the idea, stating "when they go to an event, other security join, paid for by those sponsoring the event", still disagreeing with the idea that the British public should be paying for the inner circle of their security.

The price thrown around in the press baffled Kevin from Cardiff, failing to understand how the services could cost so much. "The wages the guys would be getting would be very lean compared to that" referring to the inner circle of security. He predicted the number in question was including personal protection along with security that would be paid by whoever sponsors the event.