Farage: Britain At Risk Of Losing “Special Relationship” With Trump's America

24 April 2018, 20:07 | Updated: 24 April 2018, 20:21

The hostility shown towards Donald Trump is putting Britain’s “special relationship” with the US at risk, Nigel Farage has said.

The US President has welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron for a State Visit to America.

In a press conference at the White House on Tuesday, Trump said the two countries shared a “very special relationship”.

Giving his reaction on LBC, Nigel said the hostility shown towards Trump from some UK politicians had put France ahead of Britain when it comes to America.

He said: “The one thing that Bercow, Sadiq Khan and President Macron have is they're all very short, they're all much shorter than average height.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

“But Macron has shown himself to be a much bigger man than the other two because whatever his fundamental political differences with President Trump are, he's been prepared to put them to one side in what he sees as the greater interest of France.

“And he is right and I really do think we are making an absolute total mess of this and we've allowed France to jump way ahead of us.”

He finished: “I’m not blaming Macron, I think he has played a star role in all of that he really has done brilliant to get Trump there on Bastille Day last year.

“But what is our ever hesitant series I'm a British prime minister leader doing? I don't know, nothing."