Farage: How Trump’s Critics Would Have Reacted If He Failed His Medical

17 January 2018, 20:33

Medical experts say Donald Trump is in excellent mental and physical health - but can you imagine how his critics would have reacted if the results were different, asked Nigel Farage.

The US President received a perfect score on a cognitive test designed to screen for mental decline.

He’s also in excellent physical condition, according to the military doctor who undertook the assessment.

That left Nigel pondering: “Wouldn't it have been interesting if he had failed, I wonder what would happen?

“They'd be screaming: '25th Amendment, 25th Amendment, get him out and get him out immediately' because they hate him.

“They hate someone that believes in the nation state, they hate someone who's unashamed to be a patriot, they hate someone who wants to get tough on immigration, they hate someone who calls out radical Islam.

“They hate someone who they think is ill-educated and too common to do the job, they really do hate him!”