"Jeremy Corbyn Has Become A Hostage Of His Remainer Party"

17 December 2017, 12:17

Nigel Farage has slammed the Labour party for becoming overwhelmingly Blairite and pro-EU.

Last Thursday, the majority of Labour voted against the Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill.

On top of that Blair has also said that Labour should prioritise stopping Brexit ahead of winning the next election.

Nigel Farage thinks the evidence has been mounting since Thursday to show that Labour is a Remainer party.

He slammed the parliamentary Labour party for being disproportionately Blairite and overwhelmingly pro-EU.

The LBC presenter said the party's position was made all the more unusual by Jeremy Corbyn's own opposition to the European project, having voted against every single European treaty presented to him in the Commons since 1983.

"He is an old Bennite," Nigel said. "Whatever Corbyn himself, and indeed McDonnell, may have thought over many long years, there are four to five million Labour voters who voted Brexit in the referendum.

"I think that Corbyn is a complete hostage to his own parliamentary party on this issue.

"Because that party in the House of Commons is overwhelmingly Blairite and pro-EU and I think they have moved quite strongly to a Remain position.

"They will oppose the government all the way through this process, they will have the support of those Tory rebels.

"But I think Labour have been pretty dishonest with the electorate fighting an election just five months ago, saying they were for leaving, but Keir Starmer keeps telling us that we should consider staying in the single market and customs union in perpetuity."

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