Labour MP Explains Why She Doesn't Think Removing Assad Would Make Any Difference

15 April 2018, 13:18

Kate Hoey expected parliament to be recalled after the alleged chemical attack in Syria.

The UK, US and France launched a joint air strike at chemical weapon infrastructure in Syria, sparking criticism of Theresa May's decision to launch the attack without a parliamentary debate.

In a speech, the Prime Minister said the strike was "not about regime change".

Kate Hoey told Nigel Farage she didn't think removing Assad at this stage would make "any difference whatsoever."

"I just wish that the Prime Minister had taken the opportunity to call us back and have a proper debate because then she would have been given a mandate" she said.

"When there's a parliamentary debate on this people do genuinely listen."

She said that "a lot of people don't feel totally confident" in the government after it was found there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.