Medical Association boss tells Nigel Farage NHS "must be prepared for epidemic"

1 March 2020, 15:56

The public conversation surrounding the covid-19 outbreak gains traction every day and Nigel Farage took time on his show to shed light on the spread.

Nigel was joined on the line by Chaand Nagpaul, the Chairman of the British Medical Association to discuss how prepared the UK is to fight the coronavirus.

Holding no bars, Nigel asked Dr. Nagpaul straight away "could the NHS cope with this?" to which the BMA chair stated that the UK "must be prepared for an epidemic".

Dr. Nagpaul imagined how the NHS would cope by retraining staff to treat from a distance most afflicted with the illness, citing GPs taking remote check ups such as phone-in consultations and organising isolations for people who believe to have coronavirus.

Dr. Nagpaul also shared with Nigel his view that hospitals would prioritise the virus to the point that they would "cancel planned non-emergency operations" such as hip replacements to make room for people who experience adverse effects of coronavirus.

"We need to be ready" The doctor stated, and assured Nigel Farage that the NHS would rest at nothing to ensure the safety and high standard of treatment for patients during the coronavirus outbreak.