Nigel Farage Attacks Boris Johnson's Brexit Plan

29 July 2019, 19:58 | Updated: 29 July 2019, 20:14

Nigel Farage has shot down Boris Johnson's plans for leaving the EU, saying they're "for the birds".

The Brexit Party leader made the comments after the Prime Minister's visit to Scotland, where he reiterated the government's plans for exiting the EU by October 31.

Responding to plans to negotiate a new Brexit deal, Nigel claimed it was a front to remove the backstop from Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement and try to bring it back to Parliament.

The Prime Minister also commented on the persistence of Brexit Party MEPs, which Nigel found amusing.

The Brexit Party leader said: "You thought Farage was bad enough in that European Parliament, now you've got Widdecombe!

"How much more of Widdecombe can you put up with?! Boris is hoping they might expel us, because the Brexit Party are simple so awful."

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