Nigel Farage believes Queen's speech will lift the nation during coronavirus crisis

5 April 2020, 12:33 | Updated: 5 April 2020, 13:33

Nigel Farage believes Queen has the ability to lift the nation during coronavirus

By Seán Hickey

Nigel Farage believes that the Queen's speech this evening can lift the spirits of the world in this time of coronavirus crisis.

Anna Whitelock is a royal historian and she joined Nigel to discuss the upcoming Queen's address to the nation- and the Commonwealth, her fourth address of this nature.

Nigel put to the historian that the draft of the address, of which he read out a section shows the Queen as remarkably in touch with the general population and shows "there is still humour and humanity" during this time of crisis.

Ms. Whitelock agreed, pointing out that Queen Elizabeth II "does sum up the best of us in many ways" and her upcoming address will be another example of this.

"You have to give her credit for her stedfast resolve over the decades" the royal historian insisted, referencing the role the Queen has had during dark times of the last 60 years.

The Queen is scheduled to address the Commonwealth this evening
The Queen is scheduled to address the Commonwealth this evening. Picture: PA

"Coronavirus has touched her own family" Ms. Whitelock pointed out. The royal family has shown to be more human during this time, especially due to Prince Charles' contraction of the virus.

Nigel told Ms. Whitelock that the fact that the Queen is addressing the commonwealth on this is momentous, saying that the Queen speaking to one third of the population is one of the more important addresses of the coronavirus crisis.

"She'll be very keen to emphasise that she's speaking to a third of the population" the historian said.

After Nigel proposed that the Queen has the potential to lift the population during this dark time, to which Ms. Whitelock seriously agreed, pointing out her ability to do so in the past on her other three addresses.