Nigel Farage Brands Boris Johnson "Desperate" For Flying To Berlin "Like May Did"

21 August 2019, 20:27 | Updated: 21 August 2019, 20:31

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss Brexit, Nigel Farage asked his LBC audience why "Boris has gone to Berlin."

He said why is the Prime Minister "flying around the European capitals like Theresa May did," adding "it all looks a little bit desperate."

Especially as Boris Johnson will meet with them at the weekend at the G7 Summit.

Nigel said that he had perviously told LBC listeners that "actually, Boris wants to have a withdrawal agreement."

Suggesting that conversations between Mr Johnson and Mrs Merkel "very much confirms" that perhaps there would be further negotiation.

Nigel told LBC people were starting to see the real Boris Johnson
Nigel told LBC people were starting to see the real Boris Johnson. Picture: LBC

Nigel said comments made by Boris Johnson at a joint press conference implied the Prime Minister was in support of the previous agreement made under Theresa May.

"You're now seeing the real Boris Johnson," Nigel said, "you're now seeing the Boris Johnson, who twice having voted against this withdrawal agreement, then voted for it."

Watch the whole of Nigel's comments in the video at the top of the page, or click here to watch all of Wednesday's Nigel Farage Show.