Nigel Farage caller: "Deluded Labour candidates will be waiting 20 years to be in power"

24 February 2020, 19:30

Nigel was taking calls following Sir Kier Stamer's comments that he would abolish the immigration plans outlined by Priti Patel last week.

Laurence from Colchester rang in to show his dismay at the comments by the Labour leadership candidate, taking aim at the entire roster of candidates rather than just Sir Kier "they'd wanna be drug tested".

Nigel was lifted by Laurence's honesty on the matter "they believe that we're all citizens of the world" he quipped.

Laurence was having none of these statements, assuring Nigel that the constant hopping between ideas by the leadership candidates will not do the party any favours.

"They will not be elected for at least 20-odd years."

Nigel reluctantly agreed with the sentiment, adding that the demise of the Labour Party is worse than many may think.

"We want to have a fully functioning active opposition in the house of commons to challenge the government". Nigel believes that the downfall of Labour will be fatal to British society, and will lead to the Conservatives having a carte blanche on many social policies.