Nigel Farage delighted by unveiling of blue UK passports

23 February 2020, 13:41

Nigel was clearly delighted at the news that new British passports will have a new design.

Nigel was taken aback by the news, letting the listeners know it was something he campaigned so strongly for and he was "belittled for doing".

The new designs will be inspired by the first designs of the British passport from 1921. Nigel made a point of the fact that the passports will not have the words European Union on it and expressed further happiness at the fact.

Having pointed out the changes, Nigel praised the changed design of the passport, stating "we're living in Brexit Britain, we're making great progress".

The old and new UK passports
The old and new UK passports. Picture: PA

One thing clearly irked Nigel in the announcement- the fact that the passport will almost entirely be manufactured outside of the UK. He revealed that the passports are made by a Dutch consortium and printed in Poland.

Nigel wondered "why we're not capable of doing it here, I do not know".

Aside during a debate on the House of Lords expenses scandal, Nigel urged the audience to look forward to the future post-Brexit. The fact the UK is now outside the EU is now an opportunity "to look at our institutions and revivify them".