"You're A Racist": LBC Caller Hurls Insults At Nigel Farage In Fiery Debate

8 February 2017, 21:16 | Updated: 9 February 2017, 07:01

Nigel Farage Angry

This exchange between a caller and Nigel got particularly heated.

Nigel Farage argued with a caller over the nature of the referendum and whether the Leave campaign misled voters.

The deabate soon got personal, with the caller angrily dismissing Farage as a "racist".

Nigel Farage: "Are you saying that people are too stupid and so it's the job of..?"

LBC caller:
"I'm saying, I'm saying that many of those who voted for Brexit knew what they were doing and voted in their own interest,
but there's a majority of people who did not understand what they were voting for. They thought they were voting for one item and in fact they were voting for something else. So yes, a lot of them were uneducated and did not understand what you put in front of them."

Nigel Farage:
"Ahhh, the uneducated. Go on, go on Tony, make your next point because I'm enjoying this so much."

LBC caller:
"Okay good good
, I hope you enjoy the next part as well. I think you're a racist and I really take offense at the way you spoke about Romania and Romanians. Yes there are demonstrations because people oppose what their MPs are trying to do, but think about the British MPs who've been embezzling hundreds of thousands of pounds and are going to get away scot free. So what's the difference?"

Nigel Farage:
"I'll tell you, Tony, what difference is... That corruption is absolutely endemic right throughout Romanian society
and that is backed up by every independent report that comes out.

"And furthermore Tony, it's a country in which up to four million people are viciously discriminated against because of their race and I find it really hard to believe that we're in a political union with a country that's in a state like Romania.

"That does not mean Tony, that I'm saying Romanians are bad people - there are lots of wonderful Romanian people that I've met because they always come up to me in the streets and say: 'I'm Romanian and there are lots of wonderful people.'

"But the country has not made the transition from living under all those years of Communism to being a proper Western democracy."