Nigel Farage Has The "Best" Conversation With A Proud Muslim Caller

24 May 2017, 20:24 | Updated: 24 May 2017, 20:48

Nigel Farage described his chat with Mahmoud from Putney as the “best” after the Muslim caller painted a positive and defiant image of his religion.

There’s been much discussion about the religion since Monday’s horrific terror attack, and Nigel described this uplifting conversation as his favourite.

The pair began by discussing the Koran after a previous caller claimed there was no mention of peace in the religious book.

Mahmoud, however, explained that wasn’t the case: “Islam actually means peace… What’s happened is these terrorists have taken certain verses of the Koran completely out of context.

“Those verses that relate to war, only relate to a defensive war and they’ve taken them in a completely different context.”

Nigel noted that this wasn’t the first time he had heard about these “wild misinterpretations”, but asked whether the LBC caller accepted there was a problem within the religion if it was being misinterpreted.

An honest Mahmoud responded: “There is a problem with the adherence of the religion, not the religion itself.”

As the chat continued, there was one answer that left Nigel beaming.

The LBC presenter asked: “Let’s just cheer a few people up who are listening to this and feeling very depressed, just tell me as a Muslim; you’re committed to integration, to being British and driving out the bad guys…”

The response from Mahmoud was brilliant and you can hear it in full above.