Nigel Farage: Johnson Has Caused A "Catastrophic Political Disaster"

24 September 2019, 21:08 | Updated: 24 September 2019, 21:17

Nigel Farage insists Boris Johnson should resign because he has caused a "catastrophic political disaster."

"I think he's going to have to offer his resignation to the House of Commons tomorrow and see if they accept it. I don't see any other way round it."

"I also take the view that the announcement of that Queen's speech and the prorogation of Parliament, it had a limited political upside. It allowed Boris Johnson to put out his political agenda but hey, he had a conference speech as leader to do that anyway.

"The upside of this was tiny, the downside of this is he united the Remainers, united the Establishment, forced in a sense, the Benn Act to go through Parliament, 21 of his own MPs to have the whip taken away from them, and now this judgement."

"It has been a catastrophic political disaster, that is what I think."