Nigel Farage: Mexico Will Pay For The Wall And This Is How

25 January 2017, 20:28 | Updated: 25 January 2017, 20:42

Nigel Farage Talks

Not everybody was convinced when Donald Trump said Mexico would pay for his wall along the US border - but Nigel Farage believes there is a way.

Speaking on his LBC show moments after the President said construction on the "impassable physical barrier" would begin "immediately", Nigel offered a compelling theory on how he believed Mexicans would end up footing the bill.

“350 million legal crossings take place every single year between Mexico and the USA,” Nigel said.

“They are nearly all Mexicans who cross the border to work in the USA because they earn higher wages.

“You know, if I go from Kent to Essex I have to pay £2.50. If I want to cross into Wales it costs £6.50.

“A daily fee for crossing that border that the Mexicans pay five bucks a day ten bucks a day. Whatever it is they'll still pay it because the salaries are bigger in America.”