“Etiquette Applies To You As Well Nigel": Caller Shouts Down Farage

7 February 2017, 20:48 | Updated: 8 February 2017, 07:09

Nigel Farage in brussels

Is the former UKIP leader using the furore currently surrounding Mr Bercow as a platform to have "pop at him", as one LBC caller suggests?

The defiant House of Commons Speaker maintains that he is still 'strongly opposed' to the President speaking in Westminster, after his words have been heavily criticised by a Tory MP.

LBC caller: "Good evening. I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill here mate. I know you don't like this guy, but you're using this platform to have a pop at him. I mean all he said is something you fundamentally disagree with. Obviously Donald's your mate. Your mate across the pond."

Nigel Farage:
"That's irrelevant. It's irrelevant!"

LBC caller:
"You've got a platform
at the moment that you're using and you're milking it and using it to discredit someone who's been elected by our parliamentarians. But you, you can't use your platform to decide who sits in that chair. If you've got an issue you should go to your MP and say 'you know what, I don't like what this Bercow says and I want you to get rid of him'. Go through the proper channels. If you respect the whoel office of this John Bercow, then you should respect the etiquette and that applies to you as well Nigel!"

Nigel Farage:
"Well does he respect the office?"

LBC caller:
"Well does the President United States respect the law? He's broken the law. He a criminal
isn't he, Donald Trump, because he's put a Muslim ban in."

Nigel Farage:
"Oh yeah! So the North Koreans come round for tea and that's all hunky dory. Oh and the Vietnamese
and the Emir of Kuwait."

LBC caller:
"Why did you not protest about it? Why are you waking up now?"

Nigel Farage:
"I do. Do you know Naeem
I think I've been the most consistent opponent."

LBC caller:
"Answer the question!"

Nigel Farage:
"Yes, I protested against Saudi Arabia and I protest
against all forms of hypocrisy. But I don't think Naeem- you clearly don't seem to understand how our Parliament is supposed to work how it's worked. You know going back to the 13th century... we had our constitutional expert Craig on at the beginning of this programme, who said he cannot think of any precedent in the history of our parliament where a speaker has so overstepped the mark, and listen Naeem, you rang out for a row- it was great fun."