Nigel Farage reacts to "out of control" Democratic debate: "Talk about ferrets in a sack"

20 February 2020, 20:25 | Updated: 20 February 2020, 20:28

Nigel Farage absolutely enjoyed the "chaotic" democratic debate which saw candidate Mike Bloomberg "stumble".

The LBC presenter compared the televised debate to "ferrets in a sack" as he played clips on his show today.

His commentary comes after Former New York Mayor Bloomberg faced scrutiny from Senator Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic debate in Las Vegas.

Laughing at the clips, that saw Bloomberg struggle to defend himself, Nigel said: "He stumbled a bit didn't he? So you know, he's worth $64 billion. But it's all well and good. Being phenomenally successful in business.

"But when you're there on a public stage, and Elizabeth Warren has just dug at you hard, and you heard at the end there, a real stumble. It was not a great night for Mike Bloomberg."

NBC News Election Coverage - Season 2020
NBC News Election Coverage - Season 2020. Picture: Getty

Before playing a clip of the candidates speaking over each other, Nigel added: "But I'm going to finish by suggesting to you that it wasn't a great night for the Democrat party because This was I think, the worst moment of the debate."

He concluded: "I mean talk about ferrets in a sack. That completely lost control and the invigilator lost control."

You can watch Nigel's entire reaction in the clip at the top of the page.