Nigel Farage: Those Repeatedly Calling For A Second Referendum Now Look Silly

29 March 2018, 20:06

Those still calling for a second EU referendum are not only sounding repetitive, they’re starting to look silly, Nigel Farage has declared.

The LBC presenter said unlike a few months back, he no longer fears another vote is on the cards.

It’s exactly one year until Britain officially leaves the European Union.

Nigel says he believes the UK will leave on March 29th 2019, albeit on terms he doesn’t agree with.

Giving his thoughts on the likes of Tony Blair calling for a new Brexit vote, the LBC presenter said: “I was one of those people who four or five months ago I was really, really concerned.

“I could see a never ending string of Remainers going to Brussels meeting Monsieur Barnier.

“I could see the news feeds every week that the Remain campaign were highly organised they even started their own newspaper last year and I was really getting fearful that a second referendum may well be forced upon us.

“But today, sitting next to Lord Adonis and appearing on that stage after Tony Blair I began to look at people calling for a second referendum and I began to think: 'Do you know what? They're actually not only sounding repetitive, they're looking a little bit silly’.”