Nigel Farage claims BBC bias following Jeb Bush comments

27 February 2020, 19:45

Nigel compared the output of the BBC World Service against their domestic coverage and backed up Jeb Bush's claim of bias.

While at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC, Nigel was reflecting on a tweet posted by Jeb Bush, son of George Bush Sr. and brother of George Bush Jr.

The tweet claimed BBC bias and a harsh attitude towards Conservative party politicians.

Nigel has been an ardent critic of the license fee for what he believes to be bias political coverage and jumped at the comments by Mr. Bush.

Nigel acknowledged the importance of the BBC World Service and how it gives the UK an important voice in world news.

"What the BBC does as the world service is a very important part of the brand of this country".

Nigel made the point that "going out there and doing global news, great" but when it came to the "BBC covering UK politics and taxing us for doing it, not great and needs to end".