Nigel Farage takes on furious caller who says public should foot Harry and Meghan's security bill

25 February 2020, 19:36 | Updated: 25 February 2020, 19:37

Nigel Farage had a heated debate with this furious caller who insisted the public pay for Harry and Meghan's security plans.

Royal experts brand Prince Harry and Meghan's security plans "unsustainable" and estimate the costs could soar to £20 million.

The pair announced they intended to step back from royal duties in early January through a post on Instagram. It transpired they did not consult the Queen or the Prince of Wales about the contents of their bombshell statement

However Adam from Westminster insisted "there should be more people protecting these lovely people" as Prince Harry has served his country.

"We cannot pick and choose when we fall out of love with people just because they've decided to take a hiatus," Adam exclaimed.

Nigel countered that if they were doing their duties, not even the most ardent republican would deny them their security.

The Sussexes decided to take a step back from royal duties in January
The Sussexes decided to take a step back from royal duties in January. Picture: PA

"If they're going out to pursue a commercial career, they could become seriously rich," Nigel said, "isn't it reasonable for them to pick up some of the tab?"

"I would say not!" Adam exclaimed, and Nigel pointed out the Sussexes are the ones who have chosen to walk away from their responsibilities to the country.

"They've been forced out by the media who just want their head on a platter," responded Adam, "the press can't have their cake and eat it!"

Nigel emphasised that they were the ones who wanted to "have their cake and eat it" by remaining royal but not fulfilling their duties and it was the Queen that put her foot down.

Adam would not budge and said he would be happy to foot the bill.