Nigel Farage: "The public must not pay for Harry and Meghan"

26 February 2020, 19:44 | Updated: 26 February 2020, 19:48

Nigel Farage explains why the public shouldn't pay for Harry and Meghan anymore - especially their reported £20 million security costs.

Royal experts brand Harry and Meghan's security plans "unsustainable" and estimate the costs could soar to £20 million.

The Duke of Sussex has begun his final round of royal engagements by telling people to simply call him 'Harry'.

"No one's denied that Harry hasn't done some wonderful things, but what he's now done is he's decided he doesn't want to be royal anymore, he doesn't want to have any royal duties," said Nigel.

"That is why effectively the Queen has said to him you can't go on using the term royal, you can't go on using the website Sussex Royal and so off they go apparently to make vast amounts of money.

"Is it reasonable, Terry in Portsmouth, that the tax payer picks up a bill for £20 million because they're so busy out making money? That's the question!"