Nigel Farage Throws His Full Support Behind Grammar Schools

30 August 2017, 18:40

During this passionate take, Nigel Farage throws his full support behind Britain’s grammar schools,

The LBC presenter, who is sitting in for Iain Dale, described the previous abolition of hundreds of grammar schools as a “wanton act of vandalism”.

He was speaking as a school in Orpington faced legal action for withdrawing pupils from A-levels for getting low grades.

St Olave’s grammar school is accused of telling two pupils, who failed to achieve Bs, they couldn’t continue their studies into Year 13.

Nigel wondered whether the revelation would lead to a bigger debate on grammar schools in the UK.

But, he jumped to defend them, exclaiming: “I still believe very strongly that grammar schools give children who’ve got parents of modest means the very best opportunities, if they’re in the high IQ categories, of competing with the brightest children who’ve got very wealthy parents who can afford the best private schools.”