Nigel Farage Reacts To Ukip Flags Being Waved Outside Tommy Robinson Hearing

27 September 2018, 19:24 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 15:14

Nigel Farage has admitted Ukip’s support of Tommy Robinson has left him feeling “semi-detached” from the party.

The former leader said he had warned Ukip against backing the ex-EDL leader, but said the party was “hellbent on doing so”.

It’s after Robinson, 35, appeared at the Old Bailey over a contempt of court allegation on Thursday.

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside the London court - some waved Ukip flags.

Nigel Farage gave his response over Ukip and Tommy Robinson on Thursday
Picture: LBC/PA

Last week, Ukip’s current leader Gerard Batten supported calls for Robinson to join Ukip, describing him as a “brave man”.

Now, despite his involvement in the party for 25 years, Nigel admitted he feels “semi-detached” from Ukip.

Ukip supporters appeared outside the Old Bailey
Ukip supporters appeared outside the Old Bailey. Picture: LBC

Speaking on his nightly LBC show, he said: “I’ve been warning, and warning, and warning Ukip not to go in this direction - yet they seem hellbent on doing so.

“Right now, despite those 25 years of being part of it, I have to say I feel pretty semi-detached.

“I still sit as an MEP for the party in the European Parliament, but for me it’s very sad that Ukip is not focusing on Brexit, but other issues, social issues, Islam etc.”

You can watch Nigel’s full reaction in the video at the top of this page.