Nigel Farage On Why He Hopes Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement Fails

22 October 2019, 18:43

Nigel Farage hopes MPs reject Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement Bill ahead of tonight's vote.

He said one reason he hopes it fails is because of Michel Barnier.

"He said that the next phase, the negotiations towards the trade deal will take three years or longer. I do not want this to go on for three more years or longer, during which time we'll have no say whatsoever over new rules that are introduced and affect many of us."

Nigel continued that it may well be that the Bill goes through because "despite the criticisms from backbench members of the Conservative party, they're probably going to be loyal to the party and vote for it.

"That would mean an extension. If they fail to get it through, then Boris's photocopy that's been sent at the weekend would mean a three month extension or perhaps even more. It'd be up to the European Union.

"But there's a possibility that somebody in the EU could veto it and if that happened, then I think we would more thank likely be leaving next Thursday on WTO terms."

At 7pm MPs are voting on Johnson's bill and if it is supported, there'll be a vote shortly after to support or reject his proposed Brexit timeline.