Nigel Farage's Instant Reaction To Leaked Government Brexit Report

18 August 2019, 10:41

Nigel Farage brands leaked Operation Yellowhammer report as an "Olly Robbins special" and said that it was not believable at all.

The Sunday Times, obtained a leaked copy of a government report into a no-deal Brexit which suggested that Britain will face shortages of fuel, food and medicine if it leaves the European Union without a transition deal.

Reading from the paper Nigel Farage said the report was marked "official" and "sensitive."

"What do I make of all this," Nigel said, "I don't think this is really a government document at all, I think it's a civil service document, I call it an Olly Robbins special."

Nigel said there was "no way" the civil service have been neutral through this whole process. He suggested they were doing their "upmost to stop Brexit," adding that fear mongering was a bit part of that.

Nigel became very emotive while addressing the leaked government report
Nigel became very emotive while addressing the leaked government report. Picture: lbc

Nigel said the clue as to why "it is so, completely ridiculous" is to suggest that a few months after Brexit the amount of goods entering and leaving the UK could be down by 50%.

"What are they suggesting?" Nigel asked, is Mr Juncker "going to have U-boats in the channel sinking our ships?"

The Brexit Party leader pointed out "we're not at war," and even if there are fundamental disagreements with Brussels companies will still want to sell their goods in the UK.

Nigel branded the report "so extreme in terms of its scaremongering it's not believable, at all."

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