Nigel Farage’s Point On Brexit Even A Left-Wing Remainer Agrees With

31 October 2017, 20:12

This is the rare moment a self-confessed Left-wing Remainer called LBC after he found himself agreeing with Nigel Farage on Brexit.

Nathaniel was prompted to call after the Bank of England said 75,000 jobs could be lost when Britain leaves the European Union in 2019.

Officials think the figure could vary depending on the terms of the talks, with a no deal scenario having the biggest impact.

But, after the Bank of England previously misjudged the impact of a Brexit vote - Nigel Farage dismissed today’s apocalyptic prediction as “nonsense”.

And, he even found himself being backed by an unlikely supporter as Nathaniel told him: “I’m going to be a bit of a surprise to you, shock horror would you believe I am a Left-wing Remainer who can hold a debate so I'm going to shock you tonight.

“Yes I voted Remain, yes I’d vote it again, but you know what? These people are scare-mongering and even I know it when you see it.”

The caller added: “Let’s look at it this way; 192 countries in the world - do we only trade with Europe? No.

“How close are we to Wall Street? How close are we to the Japanese market? How close are we to the other markets across the world compared to the European Union?”

Nathaniel was music to Nigel’s ears as the LBC presenter lauded: “Nathaniel, if you’d been on the Leave side we would have won by a bigger margin, you're making all the arguments for us.”

Watch the call in full above.