Nigel Farage's Reaction To John Bercow Blocking Brexit Vote

21 October 2019, 20:08 | Updated: 22 October 2019, 06:58

This is Nigel Farage's reaction to John Bercow blocking the Prime Minister’s request for a Meaningful Vote on his Brexit deal.

Nigel accused the Speaker of “pompously pontificating.”

“Did you see him on Saturday even when there was no noise in the chamber, ‘Order! Order!’ for a global audience to see it.”

He said if he wants to be “pompous and grand” that’s fine, but “this is supposed to be a job where somebody does it impartially.

"And we know exactly where he stands on Brexit and a whole host of other issues. I think it’s absolutely dreadful. I’m so pleased he’s going on 31st October."

Nigel said: “Please no extension to John Bercow even if Brexit does get extended.”

He then read out a message from a listener who was concerned about Bercow "colluding" with the EU.

Nigel responded: “We didn’t know that [Bercow] had met with Sissoli, the President of the European Parliament, to talk about how an extension might work and how the European Parliament might vote.

"Only because Sissoli told us that. So I think he’s been involved politically in all sorts of ways. I think the whole thing is a complete disgrace."