Nigel Responds To Michel Barnier’s “Farage In Every Country” Warning

8 November 2018, 20:09 | Updated: 8 November 2018, 20:16

Nigel Farage had a hilarious response to the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator who has warned there’s now a “Farage in every country”.

Michel Barnier used a speech on Thursday to caution "the European project is fragile", as he attacked "populist deceit" across the continent.

Addressing a conference of the centre-right European People's Party, the largest in the European Parliament, Mr Barnier called for "a strong Europe that speaks in one and the same voice".

“There is now a Farage in every country,” he added.

Responding directly to Mr Barnier on his LBC show, Nigel quipped: “Oh my goodness!”

“Get the kids in! Don't let them play outside - it's like old Napoleon, old Bony is coming to get you!

“And they're terrified but not really terrified of me, they're terrified of the phenomenon!”

Watch above.