Remainer Calls Farage’s Brexit Stance "Despicable"… Then Is Repeatedly Asked Why

4 March 2018, 11:58

Nigel Farage had to repeatedly ask for an answer when this Remainer brazenly described his stance on Brexit as “despicable”.

Anthony said the Ukip MEP and his Brexit leadership had led Britain into a position that “no prime minister could put out clarity”.

It’s after Theresa May used the word “clear” 12 times in her Brexit speech on Friday - something Nigel had previously questioned.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

“I think you’ve played your hand brilliantly in the last 10 years,” Anthony said.

“But I think your position is despicable.”

This then led Nigel to repeatedly ask the caller to clarify what he meant.

"All I want is for us to be a self-governing nation, how is that despicable?" Nigel said again and again.

Watch the entertaining clip above.