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Theresa May said the UK was well placed to play a decisive role in shaping a more cooperative world

Theresa May accuses Boris Johnson of 'abandoning global moral leadership'

6 months ago

Theresa May speaks in the House of Commons

Theresa May says Sir Keir Starmer should have voted for her 'better' Brexit deal

6 months ago

Christopher Doyle has been jailed for two years and 10 months for sending fake poison to Theresa May

Ex-Cambridge University fellow jailed for sending fake poison to Theresa May

10 months ago

Theresa May looked furious at Michael Gove's answer

Theresa May launches furious attack on Michael Gove over Sedwill's replacement

Ages ago

Jeremy Corbyn has branded the Budget a "cruel joke" that fails to reverse the effects of austerity

Jeremy Corbyn calls the Budget 'a cruel joke'

Ages ago

Dan Hodges Tells Nigel Farage That He Thinks It Could Be "Theresa May's Deal Or It's Nothing"

Dan Hodges Tells Nigel Farage: 'It's Looking Like Theresa May's Deal Or Nothing'

Ages ago