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Theresa May will step down as an MP at the next general election

Former PM Theresa May to stand down as MP at next election

2 months ago

Theresa May has criticised Suella Braverman's comments about migrants

'It's not the language I would use': Theresa May slams Suella Braverman over migrant 'invasion' remarks

8 months ago

How many Prime Ministers have served throughout Queen Elizabeth II’s reign?

How Many British Prime Ministers Have Served Throughout Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign?

Ages ago

Theresa May said the UK was well placed to play a decisive role in shaping a more cooperative world

Theresa May accuses Boris Johnson of 'abandoning global moral leadership'

Ages ago

Theresa May speaks in the House of Commons

Theresa May says Sir Keir Starmer should have voted for her 'better' Brexit deal

Ages ago

Christopher Doyle has been jailed for two years and 10 months for sending fake poison to Theresa May

Ex-Cambridge University fellow jailed for sending fake poison to Theresa May

Ages ago