Former Met Police Commissioner Slams Theresa May's Record On Policing

5 July 2019, 07:57

A former Met Police Commissioner has slammed Theresa May as disastrous for policing blaming her for a breakdown in relations between the police and government.

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord John Stevens told LBC that he hope Theresa May's "departure from Number 10" will hopefully mark an end to a "dark period of policing."

The former top police officer was speaking to Nick Ferrari after five former Met Commissioners wrote to The Times to condemn the “emasculation of British policing” under Theresa May and urge her successor to make law and order a priority.

Lord Stevens said when Theresa May was Home Secretary there was a "complete breakdown of trust and confidence between her and overworked police officers.

"It really has been a pretty poor period of time, unprecedented. We all think it's probably been the worst period of anyone whose been Home Secretary, ever."

He told LBC his representations to Mrs May fell on deaf ears.

When Nick Ferrari asked if Theresa May has been the "most disastrous Home Secretary and Prime Minister for policing you've ever seen," the former Commissioner said: "I really do believe that."

Watch the entire exchange in the video at the top of the page.