Nigel Farage Has Heated Row With Caller Over "Government Immigration Failure"

31 October 2018, 19:51

The caller accused Nigel of peddling nonsense on the topic of immigration targets and tried to call out the hypocrisy in Nigel's criticisms of the government's "false promises".

After former chancellor George Osborne said that the Government should not have set immigration targets it could not deliver, Nigel Farage led a discussion on whether the targets were willfully dishonest or falsely optimistic.

"It's quite rich of you Nigel to be talking about these false promises that George Osbourne made despite the fact that I know that you're from a different Leave campaign but you obviously knew, because you're not thick - you're intelligent, and you know that these are unobtainable goals. The international immigration outside of the EU exceeds that of the EU, you know this --"

"Yes, because of our government failure, because Theresa May as Home Secretary was hopeless!"

"It's not government failure, it's law! You know this, and you're playing along to the tune that these are --"

The two talk over each other until Nigel manages to get his point in and iterate that "we've had control of 2010 of non-EU migration. That was up to us, there was a promise made that they were going to reduce it and the government failed."

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage. Picture: LBC

Sam responses "yes but a promise isn't legality, it's not changing laws, you know this, this is what annoys me Nigel, I listen to you every single day and--"

Nigel interrupts "You can stand at an election and say this is what we're going to do, and you can do it out of false optimism, rather like the Italians with their budget - the Italians' budget works if they grow at 1.5%, we'll see whether that works out. But when you've done it once and you know it hasn't worked, and you understand the reasons that it hasn't worked, why do you go on doing it again and again?"

Sam interjects "Nigel, what is the reason that it hasn't works? Tell me! Give me facts, despite the fact that we know that --"

Nigel interrupts "Number one, we had no control whatsoever over the numbers from the EU and number two, we were incompetent with the rest of the world. They're two pretty good reasons, aren't they?"

"Listen to me, you're peddling nonsense. I know that we're not part of the Schengen agreement, and the Schengen agreement is the cross-border agreement that means that someone for example from France can go into Spain or Germany.. we are not part of that, it is not true", Sam says.

"Sam, it is unlimited, the numbers of people from the European Union coming to get jobs in this country is unlimited and that is beyond debate. Not being in Schengen means that they have to show a passport, that's all" Nigel ended the call.