Owen Jones' Powerful Monologue About The Grenfell Tower Tragedy Demands Your Attention

24 September 2017, 15:36 | Updated: 24 September 2017, 16:12

After Diane Abbott made reference to Grenfell Tower in her address to the Labour party conference, Owen Jones gave this moving speech about the order of society.

Diane Abbott today told the Labour party conference the Grenfell Tower fire was a direct consequence of deregulation, privatisation and outsourcing.

The Shadow Home Secretary said the government has let the country down and the Grenfell Tower fire is a symbol of that.

Owen Jones took the opportunity to discuss the tragedy, arguing that it represented something far more significant than party politics: "It's not about changing governments anymore, it's not enough to tut or cry and turn away. We have to question a society where profit comes before peoples' lives.

"It tells us of a bankrupt society where working class people and the majority of society life is often insecure and unsafe as we saw in this terrible disaster.

"All of us now have to question how this country is run."

Watch the full moving monologue above.