'I don't like things being banned!': Anne Robinson says wolf whistling shouldn't be made illegal

22 May 2022, 21:37

Anne Robinson

By James Bickerton

Broadcasting legend Anne Robinson told Rachel Johnson she doesn't support calls to criminalise wolf whistling and cat calling women.

Nimco Ali, a Home Office advisor on violence against women, is understood to be pushing for the change but is being 'blocked at the top'.

Appearing on LBC Ms Robinson said: "Why are we worrying about a whistle from a building site?

"I don't understand why we've got time to get on the tube and arrest someone for staring.

"I'm not asking for women to be subjected to unpleasant situations.

"What I am saying is could they stop screaming and being so fragile and try and think what is a really effective way to lessen this.

"I don't like things being banned.

"I think we've got to the stage we're going to ban wolf whistles when we should be caring about safety at night for women."