Why Generation Vegan is offering Rishi Sunak £1m to go vegan for a month

8 January 2023, 20:39

Head of Generation Vegan explains why they're offering Rishi Sunak £1million to go vegan for a month

By Ellen Morgan

If you’ve seen their adverts on the tube or billboards in Westminster, it’s clear what Generation Vegan are asking for: they’re challenging Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to go vegan for a month. In exchange for changing his diet, they’ll give him £1million to donate to charity.

Head Executive of Generation Vegan, Naomi Hallum, told Rachel Johnson why they’re trying to get the PM to try a vegan diet. “It’s important to hold our world leaders accountable for the promises they’re making,” she explained.

In addition to their adverts around London, she said Generation Vegan have sent a letter to Downing Street and that she thought Rishi Sunak was aware of the money that would be donated to a charity.

When asked by Rachel Johnson how many world leaders are vegan, Naomi Hallum replied that “there’s a few that are vegetarian and have made promises to cut down on meat and dairy for the sake of the planet.”

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Rachel then asked what difference could be made if a large number of people went vegan for a month. Naomi said the difference would be “huge,” and mentioned that our current diet is responsible for 16.5% of all our greenhouse gas emissions.

She also said that 1.1 billion land animals are killed every year and over 6 billion sea animals are killed every year.

“These are not food products that we need, it’s just the food that we enjoy,” Naomi pointed out.

Rachel said that she’d be surprised if the Prime Minister didn’t accept the offer, calling it a “win-win” and that Rishi Sunak has already said that he likes Mexican Coca-Cola, which he could just live off for a month as it contains no animal products.