Caller: ‘I’m supposed to trust these people with my health and they harassed me!’

7 January 2023, 14:25 | Updated: 7 January 2023, 14:39

This caller says she doesn't support the junior doctor strike

By Ellen Morgan

In a discussion about junior doctors potentially withdrawing emergency care during an upcoming strike, this caller said that a bad experience receiving medical care means she wouldn’t support them.

She told Sangita Myska that she was looked after by junior doctors in August last year when she was rushed to the hospital with COVID. They gave her the wrong medication on three occasions, which worsened her condition.

On top of that, the caller said that after having emergency thyroid surgery, she was told by one of her doctors : “you sound sexy now, I hope your voice stays like that.”

“I’m a young person and it was really uncomfortable,” she told Sangita, adding that "my mum wasn’t allowed to come and see me because I had COVID.”

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She recounted waiting days, sometimes weeks for doctors from different departments to see her.

“I was told that I would’ve died if I hadn’t come into hospital. But I’m supposed to trust the doctors with my health and this is how they’re acting towards me?”

The caller concluded that her experience meant she didn’t support the upcoming strikes, saying: “you go into a profession knowing what base salary you’re going to get. The most important thing is the patients."